Leadership and Leaving University Before Graduation

Leadership and Leaving University Before Graduation

Culture is often an important factor in success. The entrepreneur however who is starting a business can not profit from culture because there is none when starting up. Culture starts with a group.

On the runway to an entrepreneurial business, the cultural background, however, is relevant. Let’s focus on the role of the university.

There are many advantages of a university degree:

First of all, the certificate, an important paper that is highly valued. The university is an official institute that is universally recognized. A degree is offering a status that serves as a fundament for any next step.

Besides this, a university diploma is mandatory for many careers: for medical careers, law and engineering the certificate is the first indication of quality. We don’t want fake doctors and we trust airplanes because of the expertise of various engineers.

The university offers not only the certificate and knowledge but also an extensive network. “Harvard graduates have on average 58 connections,” advertises LinkedIn.

And a university education shapes your mind so that you can think and act independently of others. But do you need to finish your university career to become an entrepreneur?

There are many examples of those who didn’t finish their university career, two of them are mentioned below:

In his junior year, Gates dropped out of Harvard to devote his energies full-time to Microsoft, (1)

About Chad Hurley Steve Chen: How did a university dropout and a boy who loved to draw become the industry leaders they are considered now? (2)
‘You’ve got to find what you love,’ Jobs says
This doesn’t reveal the complete story, explaining the real cause to stop. Sometimes you hear that people who end their career have a problem with authority on the university.

And that is where culture comes in:

It is hard to find any disadvantages of a university degree, but logic indicates that every choice in life will come with an alternative.

In case of a university degree, the alternative is to no longer listen and do what you are told by professors but to go your own way. But in that case, you must feel really sure that you do not need the network or the degree later on.

You must be confident about your own business. And a better indication to be so is to celebrate it with a ritual. Not the one where you receive your university diploma when everyone receives it, but by leaving the university before graduation, to dedicate your energy full-time to … your business.

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