The Saving Money On Language Courses Abroad

The Saving Money On Language Courses Abroad

Taking language courses abroad can definitely be expensive. Expenses such as tuition, books, and living costs add up in a hurry. Still, the pleasure and benefits of studying abroad outweigh the costs by far, so this should not deter you from taking them.

You just need to know how to spend your money wisely and not overpay. You have to shop around to see you are getting the best bang for your buck when you search for a language course to take. Simply do your research and this can happen. There are six ways to help you achieve this.

Don’t Exceed the ‘Sticker Price:

Most schools display their prices via websites and other marketing means. These are the prices potential students should expect to pay either directly through the school or its website. Everyone should be happy because everyone will pay the same price this way.

Still, this isn’t always the case. Some students may book a course through an agent who may try to charge a higher price than advertised by the school. These higher prices are usually because of extra consulting or administration fees the agents may try to add to the price. Do not let an agent charge you these extra fees since they already receive a commission from the school for students they enroll.

Promotional Pricing:

Another way to save money is to inquire about any special deals the school may have to offer. These offers are sometimes advertised on their websites, but sometimes they are not. So, it is always a good idea to call and ask about any promotional offers they may have at that time.

Seasonal Discounts:

Since most schools have both “busy” and “quiet” seasons, it is always a good idea to research when these seasons are. During the “busy” seasons, the tuition prices usually spike.

On the contrary, schools tend to lower their tuition during the “quiet” seasons. If possible, it would be a good idea to find out when the “quiet” seasons are and book a course during that time in order to avoid the higher prices you may have to pay during the “busy” seasons.

Study for a Longer Duration:

Many students tend to pay higher tuition costs when they enroll in a school for a short-term course as opposed to a long-term course. This is assuming the school calculates on a weekly basis. Committing to a long-term course, if possible, will drop the price per week significantly, as much as 20% in some schools.

Group Discounts:

The language travel industry also offers lower prices to those who buy in bulk. It is always a good idea to inquire with the school or agents about group discounts, even if it is a smaller group of three or four people.

Agents – Commission Sharing

Sometimes agents can get you a better price than if you book directly through the school. One way they can do this is by sharing their commissions with the students instead of taking their full commission.

The agent may either deduct that amount from the invoice that you pay or the agent may simply refund it to you when he/she receives the commission. You have to ask the agent if they will do this because not all do.

In conclusion, paying for a language course can be expensive, but there are ways to save money if you do the homework. This will allow you to enjoy the riches of learning a new language abroad a bit more.

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